Things to know before writing a Novel

Writing a novel can be easy, but writing a good one is tough. Anyone can sit down and start writing a novel, but it needs something else to make it readers’ cup-of-tea. Novel writing is an art that takes a lot of patience, practice, & determination – which everyone can’t do or does not have.

Here are a few things that you should know before writing a novel:

Novel Creation

1.  Figuring out what you want to write: It may sound pretty easy, but actually it’s not.  You need to figure out what your book is all about & why someone would read it.

2.  Architecture is more important than a fancy building: Story architecture is only part of what makes your book stand out. Just focus on 6 things: concept, character, theme, plot sequencing, scene construction, & writing voice. If you leave one of the above, then you’re dead in the slush pile.

3. Give your characters more obstacle: Readers always love to see their hero being able to overcome the obstacle no matter what it is. And, a novel can touch the notes when characters face many odds & still succeed in the end.

4. Momentum is the key: Novel writing is about gaining steam, about momentum, & keeping the flow. If you lose it every time, your story will be like a long road-trip without any fun & adventure. So, always try to keep the momentum going.

5.  Know your audience: Know your audience first. There are different sections of the audience with different tastes. You need to cover them as well. Keep the suspense on, lasting till the end & make your characters the ultimate winner.

Don’t worry about getting the words right, get the story right! Take these tips to heart when writing a novel – Readers will find it captivating.

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