Patricia Komar: Freelance Author And Writer

Many businesses and companies are popping up for writing articles or short stories. Many look for good writers but sadly they are unable to find so. Everyone can write but not with the required passion. However, if you’re one of those businesses looking for a freelance writer with the required experience and passion, Patricia Komar, freelance author and writer, will save your day.

Patricia Komar, the freelance author, and writer love to go on adventures. She sets off for kayaking, canoeing or hiking with her family every once a while. She is literally a free spirit. She has had so many adventures that she started channeling her adventurist passion into writing. If you read one of her books, you’ll know how deep she can write about details. You’ll know how experienced she is.

Popular on a small scale, this freelance author and writer’s abilities will be a great addition for your writing company. She deserves more fame than she currently has!

She is not only experienced in writing though. That’s not the end of it. She has worked as a therapist, counselor, teacher, lifeguard, professional swimmer, waitress, bartender, dancer, singer, actress, public speaker and as a featured writer of canine sports and activities.

She currently holds three degrees from universities in Switzerland, New York, and British Columbia on psychology, writing, and arts. Imagine the amount of talent this freelance author and writer has.

She has written books adventures such as The Ghost In the Hollows, Diary of a Teen Explorer, Kellie and The Dancing Garden, Jobmobbers and Missing in The Hollows. All of these books are available in a hard copy as well as an eBook.

Her books have been sold successfully and readable by people of every age or by adventure fanatics. Never have her books disappointed her fans either! She is a multitalented freelance author and writer.

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