Our Success Story

Thank you reader!!

A few sentences would fall short to draw a clear picture of www.patriciakomar.com and, how you would be left amazed after reading the books penned by Patricia Komar. Working with her is equally excited and wonderful. AuroIN being the Web Development and Digital Marketing partner since the last couple of years, takes privilege to write down the experiences working with Patricia.

We found her on the web and started interacting, how to promote her books over the Internet, so that it can reach at as many people as possible. We curated an effective strategy to promote the books online, specifically over Amazon. Things were going smooth, we were gaining a little traction, but it was not sufficient as we wanted to multiply our reach. So, we did an analysis and found the website to be given a wonderful look with all the contemporary techniques like mobile compliance, improved UX, and better representation of the content. All this was only possible with revamping the website.

We clearly communicated this requirement to Patricia and explained the need of having a website with all modern features embedded. She agreed with us in no time and readily provided the necessary inputs like content, images, and all the credentials to move ahead.

Here, we rather not like to mention how promptly she has cooperated with us during the development phase, as she was very much proactive to transfer the inputs requested and reviewed our work. Her feedbacks were so constructive that it helped our developers to think beyond the horizon.

The most interesting parts of the project were the books itself that we have received from Patricia. The book “JOBMOBBERS” is a fiction related to Workplace bullying, and often co-workers are responsible for the mishap. The fiction is written so nicely that at some point-of-time, it is giving a feel of the reality. Overall the book is a good leisure read, even if you are not much inclined to fantasy.

You can even get to know more about her books from the website and have your copy from Amazon. As said earlier, it is a good leisure read and can be a good travel partner, while you are travelling alone. To make the readers know about the subject of the books, AuroIN has created some quick videos:

Finally, we completed the website and made it live, well before the deadline. She supported our team financially, morally, and technically as well. We could do it in time only because of Patricia. A client like you are always a strong source of support and inspiration. So, we must say “Thank You” for all your support, you have extended till date to our Team at AuroIN.