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The compelling book “The Ghost in the Hollows” now follows with “Missing in the Hollows,” which is book two in the Young Adult fiction “The Hollow Hills Explorers Series” by Patricia Komar. The thrillers are both quickly becoming well known for being suspenseful reads, from start to finish, as per the raving reviews pouring in for the books. Here is more about book one and two:

Mystery in Hollow Hills Middle School

Ghost In the Hollows

Book one “The Ghost in the Hollows” involves the paranormal but also themes of:

1. Friendship
2. Trust, and
3. Taking a stand against bullying

Something mysterious is happening in Hollow Hills Middle School but what exactly it is will be something that 13-year-old student Faith has to find out. She will soon discover that the mysterious happenings have been occurring since the start of time.

Indeed, a ghost is lurking and about to become a huge part of the story. Getting to the bottom of the strange occurrences will involve not only trusting others but also believing in herself.

When a Student Goes Missing

Missing in the Hollows

In “Missing in the Hollows”, the thriller starts with a bang when Callie goes missing from Hollow Hills Middle School. The student was last seen in the early hours of the morning but where she went or why she disappeared is anyone’s guess.

Both teachers and students are questioned as to the missing young girl. Will the Hollow Hills Explorers be able to put together the evidence to find Callie? The explorers – Dalton, Faith, Oliver, and Finn – have a big mystery to solve and, as if that is not enough, there are paranormal occurrences and time travel too.

Gripping Reads from Patricia Komar

The thrilling reads keep coming with the “The Hollow Hills Explorers Series” from author Patricia Komar. For young readers, Missing in the Hollows and “Ghost in the Hollows” provide suspense-filled and enjoyable reads. The readers will clamor to try to solve the mysteries before the characters, which is always fun!

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