Kelly and The Dancing Garden

Kellie and the Dancing Garden

Kellie is off on another visit to Grandma’s where something magical always happens. Grandma tells Kellie the story of the dancing garden where flowers, trees and ferns dance as though they are at one of the grandest balls ever and it happens right in Grandma’s back yard but Kellie sees not a single sway, leap nor curtsey. She wants so badly to see the dance of the flowers and so Grandma reassures her, “You’ve always been my little detective. Maybe you can find out what makes them dance.” Kellie begins to problem solve. Fortunately she has brought her big, red bag filled with costumes that she uses to disguise herself so she can discover the magic of the dancing garden. During her adventure as Grandma’s detective, Kellie even encounters a mischievous puppy and curious cat.

Accompanied by creative, colorful illustrations by Fabiana Farcas, this delightful book is one for parents and grandparents who enjoy reading along with their children.

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