Diary of a Teen Explorer

Diary of a Teen Explorer

Thirteen -year-old Faith Clancy knows there’s something mysterious happening at Hollow Hills Middle School. Faith shares with the reader writings in her diary as she begins her eighth grade year at a new school. Read her writings about how she takes on bullies and soon discovers the true meaning of trust, friendship, and believing in herself.

A student goes missing from school. The last time anyone saw her was in the early morning hours sitting in the hallways. In her diary, Faith shares her explorations into the unknown and other dimensions as she and the other explorers time travel back to the 1890’s in search of the missing runaway student.

Read in Faith’s diary just exactly how she and Dalton learned to track the missing. Of course they couldn’t do it without their dogs, Spirit and Keeper.

Join Faith and the other Hollow Hills Explorers as they tackle exciting new adventures involving survival, mystery, time travel, paranormal happenings, and meteor showers.

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