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Presently living in the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. I am a lover of nature and the sciences especially astronomy. Most days I spend my time hiking, canoeing and kayaking or just slacking about making one of Patti’s Pie Creations, never the same. Adventures and writing are my passions. I am most amazed with the outcome when I combine the two using the creative process. The act or art of decentering is my way of reaching the ultimate in creativity.

I’ve lived the life of a therapist, teacher, counsellor, choreographer, dancer, singer, actress, writer, speaker, competitive swimmer, lifeguard, waitress, bartender, feature writer of canine sports and activities, trainer of an earthdogger and one very yet obstinate jokester of a blue healer. I have yet to open Patti’s Pie Creations with a specialty in cherry, strawberry/rhubarb and a saffron pie. How do you make a saffron pie, you may be asking? Stay tuned. You’ll probably read about it in one of my upcoming books.