6 Tips for Writing a Suspense Novel

Posing an exciting question in readers’ mind is the best way to create suspense & keep them reading your novel. More than the tricks or techniques, what makes suspense so fascinating is the affinity & characters that your readers can truly connect with. It keeps them engaged early in the novel & flipping pages till late night.

If you don’t take the story forward by making readers care about your protagonist, they won’t have a reason to keep going. The thing is quite simple – If you fail to engage your readers, they won’t get into your story.

Writing a suspense thriller is not an easy job, it’s a very hard discipline to master. However, by following these tips, you can ensure a thrilling novel for the readers:

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Complex Characterizations: The very first thing to focus in a thriller is its characters. The protagonist needs to struggle with issues inside as well as outside. So, get creative with your characters & choose the best one. Let the demon enter into protagonist’s life, showing how he/she fought bravely to come up against all the odds. Entertain many possibilities and always take the fresh ones.

Conflict: It’s the most important part of a novel. This is where the protagonist & antagonist battle over the high stakes that a thriller demands. Let the reader see the viewpoints of both characters, and sense the consequences of the jeopardy ahead. This crosscurrent of emotion deepens your novel in such a way that virtually no other method can achieve.

Careening: There’s nothing like a dramatic twist or surprise to keep readers clicking, swiping, or flipping pages after pages. The most interesting part is readers think a story is going in one way, but completely taken by surprise. So, take a pause after every scene and think from a reader’s point of view: “What he/she is expecting to happen next?”

Foreshadow: In great stories, readers can look back & find clues to the outcome of the dramatic question throughout the story. It leads them to the climax, where the final answer is given to those dramatic questions.

Be Unpredictable: Nothing in life runs according to the plan. Don’t make anything easy-going for the protagonist & the antagonist shouldn’t go unhurt, either. The readers might know the endgame of your story, but that doesn’t mean they should know how it’s going to get there. Don’t give away the answer – Until you do.

Be One Step Ahead of your Readers: As you take forward the novel, appeal to readers’ fears and phobias. Do make sure, you portray the background of your climax before you reach that part.

No matter what you write, a good prose is all about sharpening the suspense. Following these six tips will keep your readers up way past their bedtime.

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